STARTER consult.

Genius ideas, but the execution simply lacks... That's how every business owner starts. It's about actually doing it. That's it.

Every business starts out as the situation you’re in now. All of them. Nobody is born with a business on his hands. However… You’re here, right now. Just give it that extra go at it. It might change your life.

How does it work?

You're finally going to figure our what it takes to start? Let's make that happen!

Within one consult we can give you insights for the next step in your possible future (and life). All Brands Matter helps you set your first steps and goals.

You can simply tell us when and how you want to be contacted. Our preferred channels are ZoomMicrosoft Teams or WhatsApp (video call).

What do you get in return for your (first) investment.

Thinking like a business is the key to run a business. We teach you how to run a business your way.

All Brands Matter consults are adaptive to you. Wherever you are in the process, we give you a route. Also our consults can be planned in whenever you want. Nights, mornings and afternoons.


1 session (60min)
  • Let's get to know
  • Why, what and how?
  • Making effective goals
  • Indication of costs to start
  • Zero-risk business


2 sessions (120min)
  • Setting your first goal
  • Administration
  • Personal action list
  • Learn to invest
  • putting money on growth

TIP: It's also great as gift!

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