Why we do what we do?

According to global research (Gallup, 2021) 80% of the working world population are unhappy with their jobs and the state of the workplace.

This percentage shocks us, but it does not come as a surprise. We believe this percentage should be brought down. All Brands Matter digs deeper into this research to find out how we can make people happier in their workplace.


How do we exactly get this 80% statistic?


Western Europe and East-Asia are at the bottom of the list.

The statistic of 80% is a global average. Gallup calculated how high the engagement rate of employers is divided over 11 areas all over the globe. Engagement is key to a happy workplace. As an employee you need to feel that at least some of your work matters, that you feel appreciated as a person, and that you’re able to do something that makes sense to you.


Do you actually feel engaged with your job?

The sense of engagement is decided by different aspects of your job. Do you feel people listen to what you say? How do you feel in the workplace? What is the culture like within the company? But also, do you feel the relationship between your boss and the company is mutual?

You could say it has to do with the actual human factor within an organisation.Just like any other relationship it’s a matter of giving and taking. Whenever this aspect is out of balance, eventually the giving party suffers.

what is The cause of the problem?

To answer this question we need to split this question into two parts.

Why do people feel unhappy about their jobs?

To understand why people just don’t quit and leave their job, we need to figure out why people feel unhappy. What are the reasons that people don’t feel engaged and become unhappy?

Bad relationship with the company or employer.

An employer that constantly expects you to work over-time (without proper compensation), never seems to actually care about you as a person, or underpays you? It happens more often than you might think. Sound familiar?

The type of work doesn't suit your skills.

You will be amazed by the amount of people that work (far) below their skill-set. Sometimes people just do something completely different, and are told they have to work their self up to get that job.

Commuting to and from work affects your life too much.

Some people live right across the street from work, but for a lot of people it’s not like that. This can be due to your financial situation, a partner’s job, no (affordable) housing available, you name it. There are dozens of reasons.

Lack of personal or professional development.

If you have a special skill-set an organisation will want to use that skill-set because it is profitable. There is nothing wrong with that of course, but what if your ambitions are higher, and you never get the chance to develop within the company? For a lot of people developing is as important as a good salary.

Toxic vibes in the workplace / No click with colleagues.

You don’t pick your colleagues, but you do spend a lot of time with them. Gossiping is something that often happens and can make you feel insecure. This often happens with companies where the overturn of employees is high. A single day can feel like a week if you feel like you’re all alone.

Why don't people just quit or change their situation?

Having a job while every molecule in your body says you need to quit, is for some enough reasons to just do that. You would think with the right skill-set, you’ll get hired somewhere else with ease! Well… Not for everyone. These are the six reasons people stay.

Fear of losing the "good" and stable salary.

People are getting used to a specific salary. You have your fixed expenses, your social life, maybe an expensive hobby. Putting that salary at stake might also mean putting your entire life at stake.

There are no jobs available close to home.

Not everyone lives in a city center. Commuting can play a big factor if it means you have 2 hours less per day at home. Maybe investing in a car is something you don’t want or are simply not able to.

Feeling everything is just your own fault.

If you feel everybody around you is running their lives with ease and you can’t figure anything out, and you think… “Maybe it’s just me? Maybe I should just work harder.” While time slowly passes by and nothing ever changes.

THE "seniority complex".

Are you already the head of your department and it took you 10 years to get there? Then working for a different company might be scary. Because you might need to start all the way from the bottom again.

THE Fear of the unknown.

What happens with a new employer? Maybe your situation will become even worse. At least in this company you have that one colleague that you have became very good friends with. You want to risk losing that?

You have other obligations.

Whether you have kids, are paying off your mortgage or student loan, maintaining that expensive hobby, there are always reasons. Are these enough reasons for you to not take any risks with applying for something else?

What is the solution?

How do you solve all of these problems?

The solution is: being your own boss.

If so many things are dependent on external factors then you are better off by creating a set of new factors you have more control over. Being your own boss allows you to do that.

This doesn’t account that it can be scary to take such a leap. Thinking about running your own business might seem scary for all the right reasons.

What stops people from running their own business?

There are a number of reason why people are anxious or fearfull about starting their own business.

Economic insecurity /personal insecurity / current debts / uncertain whether family obligations can be met / uncertain about pension plans /feeling uncertain about sales / the idea that starting a business is difficult and that it is a lot of hard work / fear that social life will decrease / have no financial ability to start etc.

Long story short, It all comes down to:

Fear and insecurity about the unknown.

Fear and insecurity are two very strong emotions. Some people constantly are looking for boundaries to overcome these, but most people either stop, turn arround and seek refuge in their own little safe space.

But are you aware that wherever you may be in life, you already overcame fear atleast a thousand times? Maybe you were afraid of the dark, or strangers, never fitting in, learning how to drive a car or ride a bike, finding a partner, petting a dog or a cat, you name it. You have already conquered all these fears.

How? By stepping out of your comfort zone and to just do it.

Our approach.

How do we help you with starting your business?

We create insight.

You probably already have an idea about WHAT you would like to do, Chances are you also already know WHY you want that. However, with starting a business you need to know HOW you will get there.

Fear and insecurities that people have when it comes to starting a business is for the most part that lack of knowledge on HOW to start your own business. What do you NEED? You have your reasons (WHY) and you probably have your goals (WHAT). The thing is that “starting a business” sounds like a lot of work. So much that most people stop just right there. If you don’t find out HOW, you will never know if it is something you could actually achieve. It will always seem like this large pile of work. We help you unravel your HOW.

Your online and offline presence.

All Brands Matter is a full-service marketing and creation bureau with more that 15 years of experience. We know how to put a business on the map and how to make it reach it’s target group.

We simply love small businesses and start-ups. The first steps and the growth makes our heart beat faster. If you can present your business with pride, half of the work is already done.


Everything you need to (re)start your business!

your Branding & identity

Your business should express that you are the one most suitable to get the job done. To achieve this you want to stand-out compared to your competitors. We start with a beautiful logo, a set of suitable colours and typography.


No serious business can do without this. Are you using your website simply as your digital business card? Or are you planning to do business directly off your webshop? We will fix you up. Maybe first, including SEO.

Business cards & other printing

Whatever your business needs that requires printing, we will make it work. From business cards or stickers for your car to textile or mugs.Whatever you can think of, we deliver the highest quality prints.


For some businesses, the only way to reach their target-group is through social media. We offer complete packages for your business. This way you’ll stand out from the crowd. We help you plan your wall, stories and your strategy.


You want your presence online to be fast and reliable all the time and anywhere in the world. All Brands Matter makes everything concerning your website and e-mail a breeze. We offer packages so you never pay too much.

...And we do much, much more!

Do you have something very specific on your mind? Let us know! Even if we can't fix it ourselves, we have a huge network of talented people and businesses who might! Just give us a call or send us an email.

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